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Gail is the culmination of skills, knowledge, stamina and keen therapeutic intuition. In her strong hands, the knots inside my body melt. My chronic pains progressively disappeared. I can feel my stifled Chi again flow through my body in harmony. The pains and aches that I once thought as an integral part of me may someday be my history. With gratitude and confidence, Gail Perry is undoubtedly the best massage healer I have encountered.

Anthony C.

Gail Perry

pic_bioI began pursuing various types of bodywork during the mid-1990’s. I practiced on friends and family members. At that time I just felt I had to DO something to help my loved ones. I did not quite understand what that meant at the time. It was just a deep feeling that had to be expressed. I could always sense what people needed and from there I did my best to help them. Finally, in 2002, I decided to quit my job and follow my heart. I enrolled in the Massage Therapy Institute of Davis, Ca and became a certified massage therapist. I am a professional member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and International Association of Infant Massage.

I am tireless when it comes to working with my clients. I focus all of my attention and skills on you. If, at any time during your session, I feel that you would benefit from additional assistance from another professional; I will refer you to them. I firmly believe that it’s not about me. It’s about you, the client and what you need. I will not jeopardize any one’s health for the sake of ego and egoist promises. It’s about delivering to you the best assistance possible that will allow you to heal easily and effectively.

My work is about being open to listening to the wisdom of the body. I am a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Language Practitioner), a Reiki Master Teacher and a past life regression hypnotherapist, and Healer. I love seeing my clients having satisfying results from the work that I do. When I work with you, you are in a “safe “environment where I pay very close attention to your needs. I bring the sacred into every session.